Our Staff

This is the heart of our office. We have worked on having a team that is highly skilled, honest and caring. Not the easiest individuals to find but we are very lucky to have them with us. Meet our Hygienists, Assistants and Reception.

Dr Brett Fitzner DMD

Dr. Brett Fitzner comes from a long line of dentists and dental related careers. You could say dentistry is in his genes! His grandfather was the first, after serving in WWII as a dental assistant, he left the farm and followed his dream. Brett has multiple uncles, inlaws, cousins and a brother who are dentists (including his uncle, Dr. Ronn Gibb previous owner of Heritage Oak). Needless to say, dentistry has a second nature to him, and he truly enjoys the work and is always inspired when people make changes in their dental health.

Dr. Fitzner received his DMD degree at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio in 2014. He provides all dental services including all forms of restorative dentistry, Invisalign clear tray braces, nitrous sedation and has a special talent for children’s dentistry. It is important to Dr. Fitzner to provide honest, quality healthcare with compassion and understanding of his patient’s wants and needs.

Outside of dentistry he loves snow skiing, motorcycling, water sports and admits to a slight obsession with movies, tv shows and video games. Dr. Fitzner mainly spends his time chatting with his wife of 13 years, Jenny, and wrestling their two sons, Abbott 7, and Milo 10.


This is where it all begins. We feel that a high quality hygiene program is in the best interest of all patients. With it we can reduce red swollen gums (Gingivitis) which over time cause Bone Loss (Periodontitis) making teeth sensitive, loose and appear long. This swelling of the gums can make it painful to clean around and between our teeth and can be a reason why we get a cavity. For individuals who have roots showing, a great hygiene program keeps the roots clean making it more likely that the Dentist will detect small cavities. We have very talented hygienists that instruct but also care about you personally and want to know about you.


A veteran hygienist who has become truly skillful in her cleanings and her dental knowledge. She’s tons of fun, easy to talk to and has a little Yorkshire Terrier named Lulu that is her (and our) pride and joy.


Michelle has been with us for over 5 years. She’s a great listener and so kind, but that doesn’t stop her from giving you the cleanest teeth you’ve had. Highly skilled, knowledgeable and soon to be your new favorite hygienist.


The newest of our staff, but 4 years as an assistant and 3 as a hygienist, Jacquelyn will give you the education and cleaning your teeth will thank you for. She has a love for athletics and the outdoors and does her best to put a smile on your face that matches hers!


5 years at Heritage as one of our patient favorites and working our Tuesday evening, but is presently on maternity leave with her fourth child! We hope to see her back in the middle of 2020.

Dental Assistants

They’re the MacGyvers of our office: taking any situation and finding a way to make things smooth. Their preparation and patient knowledge allows us to have smooth procedures, short wait times in the lobby and a short dental procedure.


Kimberly has gone down multiple other aesthetic career routes before arriving with us. She enjoys baking camping, karaoke and has a slight obsession with Labyrinth. through her attention to our patients needs and skilled work, she’s always there to help our patients feel comfortable and calm.


As the organization masters, these ladies take the complicated insurance paperwork and simplify it for the rest of us. They’re also our first welcome when we come in and help us keep our appointments.


Shawna loves anything artistic or crafty, being in the outdoors and spending time with her busy family. Shawna helps our patients feel welcome the moment they walk in to see her smiling face, and when they have any concerns or need help with insurance. She loves to help everyone, feel free to ask!

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