A Quick Message from Dr Brett Fitzner

I’ve been a big fan of the Heritage Oak Dental Clinic all my life. Since Dr. Ronn Gibb is my Uncle and his Office Manager, Pat Fitzner is my mum, Heritage Oak has been my dental family, and is the office I wanted to emulate. Heritage has been a model of how we should honestly diagnose treatment, teach patients how to prevent disease, and keep a smile on everyone’s face. I was not perfect with my dental hygiene growing up, but I always came every 6 Months for cleaning and had checkups every year. That consistency allowed me to keep track of my health and gave me the friendly kick in the pants I needed throughout my life.

I am so glad to be in this amazing clinic with our top notch staff. Daily I meet some of the kindest patients I’ve ever had, and I’m excited about the devotion patients have to their dental health. Dr. Gibb and the rest of the staff have made it a very easy transition since we have such similar values: Consistent Hygiene, Home Care, Check-ups and Dental Education allow us to keep in control of our own health.

We’re constantly working on ways to help our patients have the dental health they have always wanted while providing an environment where all patients can be comfortable and confident.  I appreciate your trust and I hope I can provide any dental care you and your family need. – Brett Fitzner DMD

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